I miss you.

But I had to stop answering.

I hope you understand.

This isn’t about what I want.

Cause god, I want you.

This is about whats best for us in the long run.

I was never going to be your girl.

You were never going to leave her.

It’s hard to get your messages,

To see your face and look away.

But loving you means destroying myself.

And I just can’t do that again.


You used to want me.

I was your first thought waking up.
I was the last thought on your mind before sleep.

I made your blood flow in places meant for the bedroom.

Your words soft and sweet and the strongest caffeine.

You stopped saying good morning and nights got busy.

I wish you had just told me what was happening instead of leaving me feeling like I was crazy.

I don’t need you but I wanted you to stay.