I see his lies in you.

So when you say you want something more,

I know this is untrue.

I feel you manipulate this the way he did.

Training me to put up with your selfishness.

I know what I am to you

because I know what I was to him.

You feel like a second chance.

An opportunity.

I need to make the right decision.

Walk away before you shatter me.

Shatter me.

Like he did.


The exchange of vows.

Watching from the crowd.

Knowing that this is not my fate.

Drunk at the bar.

Laughter fills the dance floor.

Hours have passed since I’ve seen my date.

No ringing, no notifications to display.

My mind in disarray.

Feeling pathetic and alone.

After all, what fun is love?

When you’re watching from above?

With no lover to drunkenly message on your phone?


I stopped investing in us.

Slowly acts of love turned to feelings of resentment.

I stopped trying to make you happy.

I started living my life for me, only me.

I stopped caring where you were

who you were talking to, what you were doing.

I go to sleep before you now.

I eat dinner alone.

We don’t talk much throughout the day now.

Sleeping back to back with universes in-between.

The loss of love is a choice you make

when you stop investing in love.