Its always been you.

Things haven’t been easy

We’ve had our ups and downs

We’ve had our doubts.

But you are my guy.

The person I call through the good and the bad days.

You are the one I want date nights with on Fridays

to bring around my friends on Saturdays

to binge Netflix with on Sundays.

The thought of you feeling pain makes me ache

as if I have some sort of phantom limb.

Things have not always been easy

but I don’t need easy

I need love

and love is what I feel toward you



How do I let go of five years?

The life we made together.

The love.

The home.

Both physical and emotional.

You were my residence.

How do I move on when I still have hope?

Maybe you’ll realize we were two pieces of a whole.

My head on your lap while we watched TV.

We had our routines and comfort.

What do I have after five years as yours?


And you have someone new.


I see his lies in you.

So when you say you want something more,

I know this is untrue.

I feel you manipulate this the way he did.

Training me to put up with your selfishness.

I know what I am to you

because I know what I was to him.

You feel like a second chance.

An opportunity.

I need to make the right decision.

Walk away before you shatter me.

Shatter me.

Like he did.